Tuesday 11 December 2018

3 years 27 weeks - life took over for a while there.

Oh dear here I go again with the apologies.

It’s been 4 weeks - I AM SOOOOOO SORRY

What’s been happening? Well we did the good food show at the  NEC, I spent way too much money, I used Bob rather than trying to walk it, and it was a great day. Even drove there and back in the same day  sadly we didn’t get to catch up with any of the friends in the midlands because of timing and it being a work day.

Work has been seriously mad, so much going on, my early strarts are earlier and my days end later than they have in many years.

I have a new IV, he’s a good kid and loves sci-fi so I’m going to get to see lots of awesome movies that Gareth won’t go to see with me because he’s too much of an old man to appreciate them 😂

Today would have been my dads 78th birthday, it’s been 15 years since we lost him and for once I’ve not felt the need to try and choke down a bottle of  Newcastle Brown for it ..., he loved it, but oh my it makes me gag .... sorry Dad but I really can’t stand the stuff 😂

So Christmas is nearly here again, I can report that once again I have learnt bugger all frm previous years gifts haven’t been purchased, there’s not a single decoration up but the drinks cabinet looks epic  - sadly since we are off to do the great UK circuit with 3 dogs the cabinet will be spending the season home alone 😔

Christmas in Halifax with Gareths family and then off to Wales for a few days with Aunty Kathy, home in time for new year

I’ve also had my hair all cut off - I have short hair for the first time in about 20 years and I’m properly blonde again rather than a sort of ‘mouse’ colour with strategic highlights to make it less boring. It’s also so easy the take care of - wash and leave - i now understand why teenage boys prefer this look 😂😂😂

In health news - I’ve lost nearly 2 stone in weight in the last couple of months that’s 22lbs if you’re that way inclined or 10kg if you’re still working in old money 😎 I’m really proud of me for this.

Over the course of my adult life, my weight and I have had a very ‘up and down’ relationship - quite literally I’ve been every size between a 10 and a 20 on many occasions. I’ve tried every diet there is with varying success and enthusiasm.

Right now I’m simply following a very basic 16:8 fasting rule - google it there is loads of information out there - for 16 hours each day I don’t have anything with a calorific value and for the other 8 I have what I want but I don’t take the piss for me 11pm - 5pm are my fasting hours - I can sleep half of them which helps. During working hours I have black coffee and plenty of water to keep the hangry at bay

 a glass of wine, a G&T, a dessert or a few cheese and crackers is okay - an absolute load of any of these is not. Dirty Thursday dinner was chicken nuggets and French fries and I had a little chocolate later.

All things considered life is pretty fantastic Christmas is coming, a little calm and downtime will be very welcome over the season.

Again I’m sorry posts have been very sporadic of late, I’ve done such a lot of hours at work and when I’ve been at home I usually fall asleep after dinner. It’s getting better I have new team members on boarding and it will allow me to take a step back and concentrate on more strategic work than being too ‘down and dirty’ in the detail.

I promise to be less crap 💩

Wishing everyone an awesome time I will waffle at you all some more very soon

Much love

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