Friday 23 February 2018

1y40wks Post R2 - Puppies, Cursed Sofa Part 1 and blood results

Sorry for the late post this week, but it’s taken until today to get my full blood results back. Following on from lst months bloods once again I have ‘funky’ thyroid readings and now I need to go and see the doctor about them.

The other funky reading is starting to come back inline after many months but then I’ve never really worried about that one.

In non Lem news we have a new puppy and she’s adorable, so Winston-Dog and Amber-Dog have a sister who’s name is Bella – although after yesterday she may also have the nickname ‘Aloe Vera Plant Destroyer’ ….. she inflicted terrible damage on the poor innocent plant (the joys of puppies) fortunately not eating it more biting off all its limbs and randomly spitting them out around the kitchen diner

Bella is a German Pointer cross – the cross part possibly being a rather small whippet. She’s a rescue from Spaniel Phoenix Rehoming who are THE most amazing charity helping to bring dogs and puppies from shelters where they have kill policies into forever homes across the UK and sometimes around the world. Look them up on Facebook . they are amazing and run solely on donations so if you’re feeling generous a couple of pounds their way would be a great help xxx (sorry I know I don’t ever say things like that but I can’t help myself – I want to save them all but Gareth says NOOOOOOO)

I had a lovely afternoon tea over the weekend with a colleague from my former job, caught up, put the world to rights and generally did the ‘Ladies who lunch’ thing. Felt a bit of a scruff at the Hilton wearing trousers I’d just walked the dogs in so I had a few random dog paw marks on them but the time I’d allocated to get properly dressed for the occasion was suddenly consumed by the gentlemen coming to take away our old sofas in advance of the delivery of the new one - more about this in a moment - and just never had time to change so I felt a bit of a scruff but it was lovely to catch up with the beautiful Nour.


My best advice – MEASURE, MEASURE and MEASURE again – all of the sides Height, Width and Depth – in our case Height became very important 😊

Disaster number 1 was that it was delivered in an enormous truck despite our request that it some in something small or it wouldn’t fit down the lane. The 2 poor delivery guys had to put it on a flat ‘skate’ thing and push half thr sofa down nearly 200 meters of barely tarmacked road.

Disaster number 2 was that after it came through the front door and was rotated it became very quickly obvious that it wasn’t going to fit through the living room door – ever.

Cue phone calls to the supplier regarding returning it while we got a quote to have a window removed so the sofa could be put into the lounge through the hole and then the window reinstalled – of course it’s winter here, so the timing of this needs to be finely tuned and Oak Furniture land at the time of writing this haven’t yet confirmed time slots so I can share them with the lovely window man to see if he’s available.

In the interim Gareth and I have his grandparent’s chairs and foot stools in the lounge as our only places to sit

Oh and I’m away for 3 days next week with work so guess what I’m not going to be here to deal with it


Even I can’t project manage my way out of this one 😊

On a bright note HAPPY FRIDAY everyone, hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome weekend (assuming you have somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy it of course LOL)

It’s all good – the MS is quiet and life is epic.

Anyway bloods – here you go xxx

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