Tuesday 28 November 2017

18 months after round 2 - dodgy legs

It’s been a weekend of parts, had a long leisurely coffee with the Lovely Amanda on Saturday morning talking about life the world and everything and MS, we’re both Lemmies and have shared experiences which needed to be explored.

Quick bit of shopping afterwards and it became quite apparent that despite not having overdone things too much I was having a ‘dodgy left leg day’ my knee doing that ‘double pop thing’ that sometimes results in me tipping sideways and ending up on the floor. It took some hunting but I managed to locate my walking stick (functional black folding variety) in order to go and do the shopping at Waitrose in Basingstoke. A quick trip to the customer service desk to see if they had a scooter and I left feeling rather hurt and angry. Waitrose don’t even have self-propelled chairs let alone scooters – they will however give you a member of staff to ‘push you round the store’ or ‘assisted shopping’ as they refer to it.

Am I alone on the ‘assisted shopping’ front it that this really offends me. I don’t need ‘help’ to shop I just needed a mobility device to be able to help myself (not in the pinching stuff way) perhaps it’s just me I want to be independent even if I do occasionally need a little assistance in order to do so.

Dodgy leg continued all weekend and into this week.

On Sunday I woke with an urge to cook and preserve (the ‘cooking’ part had technically started the day before when I unrolled a pork belly roast, slashed it up a little inside, put some garlic butter into the cuts, some finely diced apple batons and a nice handful of finely chopped fresh sage which I then re-tied and left in the fridge for 24 hours to infuse itself) After a long walk across the carpark to get into the store, despite being ‘with stick’ I very nearly ended up on my arse in the doorway of Morrisons – Gareth caught me before I hit the floor - at that point had to resort to a mobility scooter.

Gareth has wisely pointed out that whilst I might not want one – for the times when this happens – I need to apply for a Blue Badge – I don’t HAVE to use it but I NEED it there for when I have no choice but to use it.  He’s a wise man and he’s right on this – but please don’t tell him I said that 😊

Monday morning and I thought my leg was better but wisely the stick remained in the car – mortifying mid-morning to have to ask a colleague would they please go out and get it for me so I could get to the bathroom

It’s Tuesday now – it’s not failed yet so perhaps the blip is done for a while ? I live in hope.

I have however applied for the blue badge

Had a call this morning booking me in for my pre-neuro MRI December 15th at 19:30pm in Southampton … guess what - the message it needs to be full head and spine with and without contrast only ‘partially’ got there.  They know it’s a head and spine – they don’t have the request for with and without contrast.

My MS nurse is on the case 😊 The small ‘issuette’ with this is that it ‘usually’ takes 2 weeks for the results to be made ready for the neuro ….now the simple maths of this matter is 27-15=12 – which doesn’t make 2 weeks at all and with 2 weekends and Christmas day and boxing day in the mix that effectively leaves 5 working days only ……. Chances of the results making it to the neuro on time? Pretty close to bugger all I figure

Plans for the weekend are blissfully free, next week I’ve got a couple of nights in deepest darkest Wales near where Aunt Kathy lives so we are going to have dinner together.

Christmas presents purchased so far – 0

Decorations put up – 0

Christmas plans derailed – 1

 So all about standard for this time of year I guess 😊

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