Tuesday, 8 August 2017

1 year 10 weeks post R2 - fat birds shouldn't trampoline

Apologies for the week’s absence, real life certainly intervened in normal services.

The monsoon and leaky conservatory roof has meant that we’ve had to order a full on replacement for the conservatory. Unfortunately, just replacing the roof on top of the 15-year-old wooden structure wasn’t feasible as it wasn’t really possible to provide any meaningful warranty so we’ve had to bite the bullet.

I guess they say everything happens for a reason, at least we aren’t having to borrow to get the work done. ‘Play the glad game’ is a saying drummed into me my whole life by my parents. Rather than dwelling on what is negative / sad / disheartening to remind yourself of the things you are glad of or for.

It has always been my motto – perhaps one of the reasons why I’m glad being diagnosed happened when it did – because I’m glad that it was at a time when I could fight back.

I took Boy to Gravity Force on Sunday …… A trampoline park …..

You’d think trampoline-ing – bouncing up and down in one place on something soft and squishy would be pretty much minimum effort and low impact. A few short minutes and my legs were jelly, my backside felt like Gareth Bale had been using it as a target for penalty kicks. I woke up yesterday morning and I didn’t hurt, I’d just seized up like old brake pads in need of some WD40 and good rub down with the sporting life (as my Dad used to say)

All I can say is I’m horrified about how out of shape I am – I must start to do something about that because walking the dogs just isn’t cutting it. Another project for me to plan and deliver along with finding a great role that will stretch my mind.

Another 10 days or so and its monthly blood test time again. With my Lymphocytes back in the low end of normal it feels quite odd that there’s a little voice in my head saying ‘I with the damn things would bugger off again’ life without them has been awesome and who needs a fully functioning immune system anyway – highly over-rated in my opinion.

Life is awesome, I now have a home office to work in with a nice desk and the MAC up and running and fully up to date thanks to Gareth …. (I can do it but would prefer not too - project manager – not desktop support LOL)

Once again apologies for missing a week of updates, this one isn’t really very long, but I’ll openly admit I’m also watching Animal Rescue Live on Channel 4 and I’ve had to stop a couple of times to go and get a tissue hearing some of these lovely animals stories (a boy surrendering his pet dog and a pair of bunny rabbits where one is blind and the other cares for it) I’m such a big soft baby watching animal thing.

So take care of yourselves and each other, much love from me xxx

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