Monday 9 November 2015

Week 25 - Half a year nearly and still doing great

I keep saying it, but where did it all go ?
The lack of symptoms is still holding steady, although due to being a bit too active and not sleeping well my left leg feels a little wobbly - not spaghetti leg but wobbly sometimes. It hasn't stopped me wearing my boots with the heels though :-)
Saturday I did a day in the boots, shopping wandering round Reading and the garden centre etc and I think I can officially say there's not a chance in hell I'll be wearing them all day at the NEC at the end of the month. By the time we headed home the pain with every step was unbelievable (again I remember this from my early years of wearing heels) practice alone is the only way through it - but I'm not even going to be close to a whole day walking in them by then - never mind look like the sketchers get another outing.
We finally got the painting up in our bedroom over the weekend, only 3 more in the lounge, 2 massive mirrors and 3 that are currently in the hallway with TBD as the end location. 2 boxes left to unpack and we are officially all moved in (currently 2 months and a after we actually got the keys - I figure that's not bad going)
Our diets are progressing well we are both losing inches as well as LB's and whilst I miss wine it's not the hell we had envisaged - well we've not killed each other yet :-)
I passed that course I was on a few weeks ago, apparently I can now have some letters after my name if I chose to use them. AMBCS  .... Associate Member of BCS the Chartered Institute of IT - Somehow it doesn't quite convey much more than a random string of letters that simply don't pack the punch of Doctor or an Honours so I don't think I'll bother to be honest unless it's on a job application and then it's fair game :-)
The dogs have hated the last couple of weeks and weekend, fireworks every night - EVERY night :-( not just Halloween and Bonfire night but every night in between and Saturday and Sunday as well. I'm not a militant firework hater, people have parties at home and they have fireworks, but why can't they do it on the night of the celebration only? The cat's have been invisible hiding under beds and in corners, Winston-Dog has barked his head off constantly and now sounds a little hoarse, Amber-Dog on the other hand is scared out of her mind and shakes constantly and permanently parked between our knees seeking protection in the house. We have been home every evening to take care of them :-(
At some point we need to start preparing for the 'C-Word' I'd like to drop off the presents at the end of the month when we visit the in-laws post Good Food Show and putting Nana and Ian's ashes with Mum and Dad's. It would certainly help with transportation over the holiday season as for a week away, the packing, presents, Dogs and people is going to be a bit of a squeeze into my little Peugeot 207 even if it is an estate. I've suggested it to Gareth a few times, he just looks at me like I'm quite mad and changes the subject :-)
Life right now is very good, it's getting cooler, the nights are darker and sitting with the Fire going in the lounge is just lovely, bring on the snow :-)
Hope you're all doing great

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