Tuesday 29 May 2018

3 years one week - All change again + Month 36 blood results

I started a new job last Monday; it's been a wonderful manic week with a vertical learning curve. I've renewed acquaintance’s with so many people that I have worked with through the years and exciting to be getting back to my roots in the industry that I've come to love.

Gareth and I have both lost almost a stone doing Tom Kerridge's Dopamine diet (low carb high energy) and are both feeling a lot better just for that little bit of progress. We've had a relaxed weekend diet wise (Gareth being considerably more 'relaxed' than I was - the scales are going to take their revenge on him for that)

Bank Holiday Monday is best described as 'revenge of the drain' day. The outbound pipe from our downstairs loo became backed up and we had to call DynoRod out to 'rod and spray' it - £205 inc VAT (on a bank holiday - could have been significantly worse I guess) and a lot of nasty stuff flushed through the pipe along with 2 rather massive chunks of pottery which were in the drain and our toilet now flushes again thank goodness.

We've had the gardeners in too, painting our picket fencing and the shed, our lovely olive tree 'Oliver' is now planted in the ground, the hedges have all been trimmed and the patio looks brand new having been jet washed back to the lovely sandstone colour it naturally is rather than the grubby grey it had become.

Today is a difficult one for me, not that I needed it, Facebook reminded me of our terrified dash up to the midlands May 29th 3 years ago when we received the news that my brother was critically ill in hospital and the next 24 hours were going to be critical. Sadly he didn't make the 24 hours, my beautiful 40 year old 'baby' brother lost his fight for life in the face of multiple organ failure. I absolutely can't get my head around him being gone - for 3 years - how can that be? I'm still wrapping my head around Mum and Dad being gone, but Ian as well?

So I'm posting today before tomorrow comes round.

I got my month 36 blood results through last week. Nothing really exciting about them except that my funky thyroid doesn't actually seem to be responding to that little Levothyroxin I'm taking each morning. It's getting worse not better. I have an appointment with my GP, Dr B on the 7th to discuss the fun topic of 'menopause' so I guess a little hypo thyroid chat will neatly round off the ‘middle aged and slowly rotting away’ conversation LOL

On the thyroid note – bloody thing has knocked me on my arse – I’ve always proudly said I get tired with MS but not fatigued – I now know that was a correct assessment of the situation

*blows a raspberry in the direction of my old Neuro who said I was down playing it*

I now know what if feels like, the sad sure knowledge that the shop mobility scooter you’re on hasn’t been on charge for long enough – it’s getting slower and slower and you know it won’t get you back. It’s like someone sneaked in and took my batteries out at the oddest of times. The heat over the weekend has certainly contributed toward this, it’s been an interesting learning experience.

So here there are the scores on the doors for ‘month 36’ – the big 3 year mark.

I still maintain that Lemtrada is the best decision I have made in regards to taking control of the MonSter

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  1. Hi Tracy, Sandwich here. Good luck with the new job. My thyroid continues to give me jip - I know what you mean re tiredness, I'm sure it makes me far more tired than MS ever has. TSH currently sitting at 70 despite pill popping each day. All quiet on the MS front though so still seems a good trade. Take care.


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