Wednesday, 5 August 2020

It's be a long old few weeks

Hair update - I'm no longer pink or silver or a strange combination of pink & silver which came out electric lilac

Just Ash Blonde now albeit significantly longer than when all this Covid Lockdown stuff started and I finally dared to 'come out' in a video.

Can't quite get my head around how 5 months have just disappeared from the year it seems like such a short time overall, but it obviously isn't and has been incredibly hard and has taken such a toll on so many people, lives and families.

Anyway here we go scary movie time (it's just a short one)

Bad Bad Bad Tracy - Neurologist appointment and Wedding Anniversary

First things first

Profuse apologies for 4 weeks of no updates. I'd say I was busy or out or doing something terribly exciting ...... but lets face it, if I said something like that, you'd assume my account had been hacked because my lack of exciting life is simply a fact of my boring life.

So last week was our wedding anniversary - 9 years and we're both still alive, not in prison and haven't recently had a patio re-laid :) (MANY years ago, there was an English TV show called Brookside where the husband ended up buried under the patio - hope this helps if you're not from the UK or even if you are and aren't ancient)

We had a long leisurely lunch at the Hand And Flowers in Marlow (as usual - I know but we love it there) did a couple of errands on the way home without stress because we had a lovely lady here keeping the dogs company. Four continuous days off though did make for only 2 'constructive' days because the other 2 were horrid hangover days.

I had an email last week telling me my neurologist appointment at the end of the month had been brought forward to August 5th at 10:30am .... it optimistically asked me to go to St Mary's in London for the appointment which I sceptically thought 'okay yeah lets see' to upon reading, naturally 2 days ago I got the follow up Text Message saying 'under no circumstances try to attend in person - stay home we'll call you'

This morning at 10:30 on the dot ... ring ring ... lovely lady to make the preliminary arrangements for Ocrevus .... I'm getting an email later so I can book my bloods - I really do have to go to St Mary's for that - then once the results are back next call will be telling me when I go to Charing Cross for infusions.

I'm quite excited that it's actually going to happen - something to address the PIRA I'm experiencing despite Lemtrada working perfectly to stop the active disease the old stuff started bubbling again and needs a slap

The wonderful MS Doc Aaron Boster describes it so much better than I can - I've dropped him a DM on Twitter asking for permission to share his video's but didn't hear back - Dr B if you're reading this -- sorry and hope you don't mind xxx

I'm having a bit of a 'resurgence' right now, the arthritis pain in my knees had got to the point where I didn't know what to do with myself so I've gone up to 4 of those monster turmeric tablets each day, a huge dose of Glucosamine and a separate huge dose of Chondroitin - the inflammation and pain levels are reducing, today I decided not to take a pain killer this morning and so far that's been the right decision

Kick Arse

The dogs are still loving the humans working from home - it will have been 5 months on the 9th of this month since the decision to come home and stay home was made. We're working on building up time away from them now so that 'when' we go back it's easier for them.

So that's me

Apologies for the absences, I'll try not to be so rubbish

Hope you're having good days and better days

Today is definitely a better day xxx

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Grey hair - the movie

Here it is what my dad would laugh himself silly at - 25 years of covering up the grey hairs and I've coloured the bloody lot grey 😎

Monday, 6 July 2020

5yrs 1mth 2 wks - Silver hair and aircon

The thing about working from home in lockdown is that my new office location in the extension has lots of windows which the sun streams through each morning, it's glorious and please don't think I'm having a whinge about sunshine and good weather, I'm not at all (despite being British which of course means moaning about weather is a requirement for nationality) I have this tiny little Aircon unit that sits on my desk blowing cold air at me from 8am until 10am when the sun moves over the roofline. It does make me fee slightly more charitably towards the people who did climate control in the offices at work ... I struggle to maintain a nice temperature in the extension, they were trying to do it over 4 floors with 60+ meeting rooms and a massive floor to ceiling atrium - I think they need more credit.

The Olia Rose Gold in my hair that added the pink 'Bagpuss' look had faded out quite a lot so I decided to give Silver a try, now bear in mind it was going over a mixture of blond and pink which funnily enough it's on the samples on the side of the box so it was always going to be a bit of a gamble.

It's actually come out really nicely, it's sort of a blend of silver, metallic lilac, some gold streaks and some darker more grey shades all streaked together - it looks great but there's a little 'deja vu' with it too, that thing where you're watching something on the TV and the 'age up' one of the characters by greying the hair .... It's a little like looking into a mirror thats ages - 'heres what 60 might look like' with a 48 year old face in the middle.

Today it's been 17 years since I lost my Dad, such a long time ago, but today it feels like yesterday. I feel sad, but I'm used to it now, a few tears and getting on with it is the order of the day. He'd look ay my hair and laugh himself silly whilst calling me a 'stupid bloody woman' because he'd find it hilarious that after 25 years of ruthlessly dying over the white hairs that I've voluntarily gone silver all over so my whole head is what he would call it exactly what it is ..... OLD PEOPLE GREY ..... LOL

The pubs and restaurants have reopened over the weekend here in the UK (with Social Distancing in place) it's not something that I've felt the need to participate in - yet - I'm not terribly bothered about the pubs if I'm honest, going out for a meal however is something we've really missed. I've had a table booked at The Hand & Flowers for our wedding anniversary for a number of months so that may well be our first dip back into 'normality'.

I had a dip back into watching Channel 4's GreenWing last night, it's been a long time since I first saw it and I guess I'd forgotten just how very strange and messed up it is - hilarious, but it's honestly like watching someone else very strange 'trip' - or at least what I imagine doing that would feel like. My perspective on some of the main characters has changed greatly from when I first watched it, what was once charming and endearing is now sneaky and opportunistic. I think this might be interesting to watch again in 10 years time to see if my perspective has changed again.

Gareth's on a training course this week (online) I'm doing my 'thang' and we have a dog trainer booked for tomorrow evening (again) all go here this week (not)

Take care of yourself and each other xx

Friday, 19 June 2020

5yrs & a month

Does anyone know where the year has gone so far ?

I'm starting to lose track of time I think, my once a week 'trip out' to Costco for 16 litres of diet cola and then a quick whizz round Sainsbury's for the shopping seems to mark the passage of time, those Saturday excursions are really the most exciting thing I do now.

It's Monday today so I've worked from home office again - actually I've not done a video from my new location so I might make time to do one tomorrow, hopefully it will be sunny and lovely but right now it grey and windy and absolutely lashing it down outside so I'll wait.

The dogs are still loving this life where the humans are always around to keep them entertained, Murphy cat is getting braver about coming in the house when the dogs are around but his cowardly streak is still very wide.

I've re-done my pink hair, and where it was only lightened last time and was a bit of a 'dipped' look is now properly pink.

It's Friday again, so tonight is poker night with the lads - I managed a respectable 2nd place again last week (vast improvement on the week before where I think I was first or second out) Football is also back here in the UK and tonight Gareth's beloved Tottenham Hotspur are playing Man United (not sure that's going to have a happy ending but on a bright note he's going to properly distracted playing poker so that can only be a good thing)

This weekend will be the usual lot of nothing terribly exciting I suspect but that's okay, there's a rumour going round that the weather is improving again which will be lovely - it's been quite grim for the last week or so.

I hope you're staying safe and sane.

Much love T xx

More video stuff if you're that way inclined - including my change of venue

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

5yrs 2wks giant holes and stuff

Apologies for being quiet for a couple of weeks, in these lockdown times, well my life has been even more dull than usual, no nice meals in fancy restaurants, trips the length and breadth of England to visit people, my world has shrunk to our home and my once a week trip to Costco for 16 litres of diet cola.

Things have happened here at home, we had permission from the tenant next door and had a contractor in to bring the hedge in the garden down to an acceptable height and reduce the weight on the other side so it wasn't leaning into their garden.

We've had a big hole filled with water just in front of our driveway from a damaged water pipe for a few weeks now, we had contractors out yesterday to dig down to the pipe, make the repair and fill the hole in.

Michelle is back walking the dogs in the mornings 3 days a week - they absolutely love this, they both get 30 minutes each at the moment individually while they get used to walking with her, the goal in eventually they'll get an hour together once Michelle is confident the little darlings (buggers) will actually behave themselves.

This is how small my world has become, something 'exciting' happened this morning - I 'rescued' Winston from something awful and scary - he'd jumped into the bathtub (don't ask me why this is a fun game) except it had just been used - it was wet and he was trapped in there. Okay I'm sad but here are the pictures just because in his extreme distress at being trapped he also looks dead cute.

It looks like our cleaner can also return in a couple of weeks time - now THIS will make a difference in our lives, not bitching at each other about who should be doing what and when and because V is here we can actually leave the house - TOGETHER - Something we haven't done since March 8th. I have no idea what we will do, where we would go, but to be fair sitting together in the car in the queue at the Costa Drive-Thru would be 'exciting' after this long.

I've had swollen ankles (we think from the heat) I've been in to the doctors for a quick blood test to check thyroid TSH levels and kidney function just incase - my TSH is 1.2 for May - YAY I hear you say - but no - apparently at the ripe old age of 48 and in the menopause 1.2 is 'a bit high' for someone my age just under 1 would be more what I need to be aiming for - who knew it came it an 'age scale' on top of the normal ranges? Not me this is new. I presume that means 'tinkering' with my Levothroxine levels again to try and bring it down a little.

So anyway life goes on, I hope you're making the best you can of this very strange time. Take care xx

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

5 years ago yesterday this all 'began'

  • The sun is shining
  • There's a gentle breeze blowing in through the open window
  • Winston and Bella have both had long walks this morning with Michelle (it's great to have her coming round again, the dogs adore her and it gets them to long lead walks they both need)
  • Gareth is working downstairs in his office
  • Life is good

There will be fresh home baked cheese scones (that's biscuits to those of you over the pond) for lunch (Yes BreadGod has upgraded to making scones too - I'm hoping his next batch will be plain ones so we can do the whole Afternoon Tea thing with a pot of tea some sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and Raspberry Jam)

Life is good despite C19 and lockdown

Five years ago yesterday I was hooked up to the IV's and my Lemtrada journey started.

I wasn't scared, I was excited, it was empowering to be taking back control of my immune system from the MonSter, to stop being it's victim and kick it's arse.

5 years later I'm still excited, I still want to kick it's arse, Lemtrada did everything it promised to do and more. Most of the improvements I experienced are still holding strong. The weak legs and the numb arm came back but that's old stuff 'grumbling' and Mr N and I have a plan to put the brakes on that with Ocrevus later this year (C19 Permitting)

I was going to try and do a video today for the vLog thingy but we have 2 nice men in the garden with chainsaws and hedge cutters chopping the hedges down to a manageable height  (not the usual short back and sides and a flat-top - we're talking a good 3 feet height reduction overall) they're making fantastic progress, but I struggle to talk loud enough for the sound to be good under normal circumstances without the rattle of chainsaws in the background.

We've discovered we missed a couple of series of BlindSpot the TV show so the evenings have been partially used binge watching 3 or 4 episodes an evening for the last few days, we will probably catch up to 'real time' somewhere late next week I think then have to watch like 'muggles' going forwards. The joys of changing the sky box and losing all our series links so we can binge watch the stuff we forgot to re-add as we rediscover it.

Lunch today will be authentic Spanish Croquetta's with some aioli to dip them in - sangria in the sunshine on a work day sadly isn't acceptable at lunch so I'll just imagine that part.

I guess that's as much news as I have really, we're just doing our thing, staying home, staying safe and  taking care of ourselves and each other.

I hope you're okay, that life although strange is being kind to you. I'm here if you need to talk to a slightly nuts middle aged bird.

Take care, stay safe, keep fighting, contact free social distancing germ free virtual hugs and all that.

Ohh ... the one video I did make yesterday ... Winston and Bella doing the 'Leave It' challenge